Colonel Blimp

A company which represents music directors.. who've got some impressive videos. And that's only from the ones I've seen. They've got them in pretty high quality on the website (you can also download them from what I can tell) I can't actually watch the videos on the site thanks to my crap internet :( so I'm settling for half waiting for youtube then getting bored and twidling my thumbs for a few minutes while vimeo gets its act together. Gonna head to the library at some point this week with a bag of popcorn and watch the lot ;) but yeah they seem to have alot of stuff which looks interesting. At the moment I'm trying to download JLS (I can't believe I'm admitting that) and watch We have band - you came out. David Wilson did Little Boots - Remedy, I like that video. And I just discovered he did the video I'm watching now. Argh I so need to watch every single one of these videos.

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