The rebirth of the gif

Gif's seem to be all over the internet nowadays. With the current obsessions with 3d films. Moving pictures are going to be the next step I think. I touched on this here. I can see there being a new file type or more embedding of flash in websites to make use of this new 'trend', since GIF's can only be low quality.


Surface To Air

"At the beginning in the late 90’s Surface To Air consisted of a group of friends who wanted to work on projects they liked. Year after year, the team has grown into a multidisciplinary company spanning across creative domains such as fashion, graphics, photography, design, music, films… Today each company develops its own activity but always within the Surface To Air vision."

This company is like, my dream come true.They've worked for companies such as Louis Vuitton, Issey Miyake, and Uniqlo. Worked with musical artists Justice and Simian on the Video for 'We Are Your Friends'.


trouble, originally uploaded by L▲H.

I got bored.. this is what boredom caused.


A few music video's...

Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

This was filmed in one shot, which makes it so amazing. End of.

Friendly Fires - Paris

Includes some of my favourite things. Dodgy effects carried out well, geometric shapes, playful lighting and Friendly Fires.

Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy

Oh dear I'm gonna have to watch every one of their video's now. This one's amazing, I can't believe I haven't seen it until now.

Metronomy - A thing for me

Amazing. A,maze,zing.

Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk

This is exactly what I imagined for this song and more.

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

I'm a bit on the fence with this. As much as I love Lady Gaga, her music, her video's.. I just can't decide on this. The styling is amazing. But there's something cringeworthy about parts of the video, like in the scenes where she's looking out the window and it seems really tense, but all she does is move the panels covering her eyes. I think for all the sublimal messages etc. in the rest of the video, the start should have been more effective. Also, those shoes that look like hooves are god awful.


I Got 99 Problems

I Got 99 Problems, originally uploaded by Lukes Beard.

This guy creates an image a day using song lyrics as inspiration, I might do something like this - although since college I'm a bit funny about using secondary images cause we always got marked down for it. I might rob the lyric idea since music is my main influence. Or maybe quotes from tv, etc. There's always stuff floating about.


first try in illustrator

first try in illustrator, originally uploaded by L▲H.

I'm going to try and learn illustrator over the summer, just for my own satisfaction. I'm also gonna take up photography, I bought and olympus xa2 to start messing about with cause I saw some really nice pictures taken with them. I'm also going to try and experiment with film - I basically want to keep busy over the summer and keep myself creative as I've been quite lazy this year.