Motion Photography

So to speak...

motion photography 02 from Macgregor on Vimeo.

I found this video (??) on vimeo and thought I'd share it. It's a bit of a wierd concept as its obviously not photography but it's so short it would be pointless to be called film? Dunno anyway - I like it. As a concept it's quite fresh and with the way technology is moving these days with things like the iPad looking to be like the modern day magazine something like this might actually become popular. I like how the text moves with the frame of the shot to give a consistency. It also makes me wonder if the text was actually printed onto glass or added afterwards. I think I would kind of like it more if it was there all along. This is kind of a nice balance between the two mediums. But to be honest it reminds me of Harry Potter or something, moving images like that. And if you're reading an article and something keeps moving in the corner of your eye - how distracting would that be? It is something to consider though, cause who knows? It could become really popular.

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