Ideas for settings

I've been thinking about where I want to set my lightbox and how it's going to interact with the surroundings, I rediscovered these idents used to promote The Warehouse Project, a seasonal night club in Manchester, for it's 2010 season.

This made me think of the stairs of Newton which are lit up at night, which could be a prime location to set up.

Long exposure tests


Light box

I've started creating a light box, shown here in the first stage with no foil or coloured cellophane inside, although I do like the effect on its own without adding the colour. The fact that you can see the edges of the inside of the box (the orange parts at the side of the 'S') show that this experiment will need some tweaking before the final outcome but hopefully in the right setting I can get it looking how I want, experimenting with colour and different sized lettering.

Light Painting

This short film by Pahnl uses light painting with long exposures combined with stop motion to create a beautiful effect. I'm currently making a light box to experiment with in the hope of using the technique for my Sky Arts submission.

Invisible Mercedes

In this clever publicity stunt, Mercedes wanted to emphasize that its F-Cell vehicle has no omissions, making it virtually invisible to the environment.


From the still on the video I laughed this off as a crappy publicity stunt, but the opening shots of the car placed in different environments I actually couldn't spot them at first. I don't see this technology going very far in it's current state although I have heard of it being used on smaller objects. With the LED system, surely the perspective is only really altered from a distance? Either way an interesting and fresh approach to advertising - making the product invisible!