Kanye West - Street Lights video

I never knew there was a video for this song. 808s and heartbreaks is definitely my favourite Kanye West album, reminds me of wet winter days. And this video has just ruined that image. What a waste of money, they could have done sooo much more with this. You would think with West being known for having an input on his whole creative direction he would be the first to say this so don't know how this slipped through, how disappointing!

New blog layout

wiped my blog layout cause decided I don't like it. Going to do something with it in the next few days. Purely for my own entertainment.


Colour/texture mess abouts

Few experiments from when I was making a new layout.. Messed around with a scanned texture and curves in photoshop. Lovelovelove the combo's of colours in them :) they aren't cropped at the same parts cause I wasn't really paying attention as I was cropping. But you get the jist :) the colours in the lines of the bottom one are my favourites

I love thissssss video!

Love it, don't really think the imagery within it goes, since its a dance song but whatever. They felt it relevant. Love the colours and the overall vibe of this video, :) it's made me want to do a different blog layout mines so bland! Gonna crack on with it I think :)


Gossip - Heavy Cross video

I stumbled across this video while looking for I dunno what, but theres something about it I really like that I can't quite put my finger on. The retro feel of the whole thing is really striking, and the mix between shots keeps you watching. I wanted to switch it off cause it was taking a while to get going, but couldn't. I like the use of colour and just overall feel.

Asics stop motion origami video

Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection from MABONA ORIGAMI on Vimeo.

I didn't realise what company this was for until I watched the first 2 minutes or so, cause of the picture it shows you initally I thought it was converse. It actually held my attention cause of how it was made I was like "wuuuuuuut" since i can only just about make those flippy things that you make as a kid. I got bored by the last minute cause they just start going on about how good they are and all the companies they're involved with, but up until that point its good :) by the advertising agency Nordpol+ Hamburg, it won a Grand Prix at the Eurobest, gold at the New York festival, gold at the London International Awards, silver at the Clio in Miami and two times bronze at ADC Germany.

Vampire Weekend - Cousins

Vampire Weekends new video. This isn't a new concept but I like it. The video is kind of nothing, its not particularly relevant to the song, but it goes. I like the grey of the background with parts picked out with bright paint.

Amazzzing stop motion

Everyones seen the Blu stop motion I think cause I've seen it on a pile of blogs, but heres another one, which is a collaboration

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop) from blu on Vimeo.

I WANT TO DO THAAAAAAAAAAT.. might go out in the snow right now and do one haha


New projects

Ooooh so, got bored and thought I want something to do over the holidays, so, I've been looking at the new briefs and having a look see if theres anything I can pass away a few hours with. Again, the animation one is whats appealing to me, although I'm not really a fan of 3d stuff, I'm excited to be able to create something from scratch. Watched UP a few weeks ago and really the character we're designing for could be anyone so it could involve anything really. I'm thinking a world assembled from found objects possibly.. I want something really bright and striking I know that much. Had a look on the 3d studio max site and if you register as a student you can actually get 6 months student license. Might have a nosey at it if I have the patience to download it. Bit of a shame that the film parts not really getting me excited, cause that is what I had in mind of going in to. But I've always found the effects which go into music videos the exciting part. Hmm confusion

Looking at already existing 'lairs'

This is a tunnel that runs under London built in 1940 as shelters then used for communication during the Cold War... WIERD!!!! But I like the curved walls. (link)

blah. lairs are actually hard to find. and looking back at the presentation they mention powerpuff girls, which is all 2d, which has got me wondering if you can do 2d stuff in 3d studio max. hmm! Anyway onto more settings..
The ultimate...

HOGWARTS!!! Oh yeah! Everyyyyyyone loves Harry Potter... ; )

Or the other ultimate....

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, making a world out of candy canes.. amazing!

also, Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland - never really been into the whole Alice thing, we did a project on it at college last year and I pretty much sat there during the whole thing hating it, looking back I should have took advantage of the fact it was bonkers and I could have done what I wanted. :( silly me, but oh well.

I think I might be about to have too much fun with the research, and want to kill myself when I have to do the work.. GREAT : ) but theres actually sooo much to be inspired by, this project is pretty much do what you like, then back it up. Cause allllllll the films like Toy story, Bugs life, Superman, Batman, all the characters have a hide out, whether its a toy box or a house.


Pixilation, finito!

Cassette. from Leigh Harrison on Vimeo.

The video is actually only 25 seconds or so, but I think I muted the music, rather than cutting and deleting. Oops. It'll do for now though :)
this took aaaages, spent the most on the project over the other 3. Really enjoyed pixilation.


Practice Pixilation

White board, test pixilation from Leigh Harrison on Vimeo.

One shot, my edit

The Hangover from Leigh Harrison on Vimeo.

This was my own edit for the one shot. I just changed around the soundtrack so it fit a bit better, then added the title and credits. Again, happy with the result.


Essay - :|

Well I finally started to get cracking with the essay yesterday(ish) after having just the title page saved for ages with just a title and no info on it, thought it might be time to actually do it ;) I've actually not got on too bad today, managed 700 words. I decided to concentrate on prototyping, collaborative design and market research in my essay. I'm going to go to the library tomorrow cause there are a few books there I briefly looked at which have information on market research, and since I wouldn't mind sticking a few facts and figures in that part I'm gonna try to stay away from the internet there since its a bit hit and miss for hard facts. I've missed out illustrations for now, planning to look for them all at once and add them in.


One shot., the result!


Well here's the final group draft of our one shot film, it was all filmed in super slow motion then sped up by 1000%  I'm really happy with it especially since the only input I had was that we should possibly do a music video. I have done my own edit of the music but the internet hates me


One shot

Well I missed ALL the filming for one shot, couldn't quite believe it. But saw what the group had done today and I'm so impressed, was gutted I missed having an input on it, but I don't think I really could have added to it cause they used a technique I was really interested in using, which was slow motion/normal motion - sped up. The films come out really well and I've just sat and edited the music for it, which I'm quite impressed with since I had to cut up a song and put it back together to get the timing and effect I wanted. I'll post my edit tomorrow cause I think my internet would actually go up in flames if I try to do anything more than go on facebook.


Right well..

Bit sleepless at the moment so just thought I'd do a quick update on here.. Meeting to (I think) film our one shot tomorrow, or at least brain storm ideas.. although theres supposed to be massive riots going on :| so that could be interesting, I reckon we try to video them all then speed it up? Ha can you imagine.. that camera would get demolished. Ugh I'm really struggling with this one shot, so far the animation part has been my favourite, but I would like to use what we did in animation and bring it into film.


Just a little update..

This is just an update of a few pictures from my current underway pixilation, and one from my previous, just to show I'm not slacking just finding it difficult to master premier ;) ..

This is from my first one, a whiteboard/hand interaction piece. This ones really short I think I only took about 100 photographs? It was more to get used to how much I would have to move each frame by and just to get the creativity flowing. My second animation is a paper based one...

This is a frame from that one, can't wait to get it finished hopefully it'll look as good as it does in my head haha, I'll be chuffed if I manage to pull of what I want to, although I'm going to leave it till its done to explain it all :) 


Ver' Niiice

Well I'm still continuing to make my stop motion, its coming along well, and I think its gonna look good :) I still need to take a few more shots, then I'm gonna bring it all into photoshop and fix up the pictures. I'm having a bit of trouble batching things and also working in premier, for some reason when I bring images into it the way we were shown it only shows about 3 frames then thats it, bit odd! Will have to keep playing around with it.
Had my first one shot seminar yesterday, I actually quite enjoyed it, I think the thing thats putting me off is that it can't be edited, but Chris mentioned speeding things up and I like that idea. I also saw the video for Vampire Weekend A-Punk on another students blog, but can't remember where (sorry if it was you let me know and I'll pop your link here) which was all done in one shot and then sped up and looks really good.

looking at music videos I also thought of Beyonce's video for Put a ring on it, which although wasn't done in one shot has the effect, see I'd love to do something which had that kind of effect but suppose it would be quite hard to do in the time we have.
-I can't actually find a link for it cause of copyright laws but you all know the one!

And also the video for OK, Go! in which the band perform a routine on a treadmill all in one shot. Really interesting to watch.