New projects

Ooooh so, got bored and thought I want something to do over the holidays, so, I've been looking at the new briefs and having a look see if theres anything I can pass away a few hours with. Again, the animation one is whats appealing to me, although I'm not really a fan of 3d stuff, I'm excited to be able to create something from scratch. Watched UP a few weeks ago and really the character we're designing for could be anyone so it could involve anything really. I'm thinking a world assembled from found objects possibly.. I want something really bright and striking I know that much. Had a look on the 3d studio max site and if you register as a student you can actually get 6 months student license. Might have a nosey at it if I have the patience to download it. Bit of a shame that the film parts not really getting me excited, cause that is what I had in mind of going in to. But I've always found the effects which go into music videos the exciting part. Hmm confusion

Looking at already existing 'lairs'

This is a tunnel that runs under London built in 1940 as shelters then used for communication during the Cold War... WIERD!!!! But I like the curved walls. (link)

blah. lairs are actually hard to find. and looking back at the presentation they mention powerpuff girls, which is all 2d, which has got me wondering if you can do 2d stuff in 3d studio max. hmm! Anyway onto more settings..
The ultimate...

HOGWARTS!!! Oh yeah! Everyyyyyyone loves Harry Potter... ; )

Or the other ultimate....

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, making a world out of candy canes.. amazing!

also, Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland - never really been into the whole Alice thing, we did a project on it at college last year and I pretty much sat there during the whole thing hating it, looking back I should have took advantage of the fact it was bonkers and I could have done what I wanted. :( silly me, but oh well.

I think I might be about to have too much fun with the research, and want to kill myself when I have to do the work.. GREAT : ) but theres actually sooo much to be inspired by, this project is pretty much do what you like, then back it up. Cause allllllll the films like Toy story, Bugs life, Superman, Batman, all the characters have a hide out, whether its a toy box or a house.

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