Kanye West - Monster

Director: Jake Nava (seriously impressive back catalogue, can't believe I only heard of him today)

Wouldn't expect anything less from Kanye, it leaked today unofficially, and is unfinished. (I'm assuming that's why there's getty images watermarks throughout). Can't wait for the full version.


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 Dogville DVD menu, apparently a bit odd - not seen it for myself but got some lovefilm things lying about my house so gonna rob them and go on a mass dvd watch-athon.
This in 3d before toystory was amazingly done.


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Chloe Hayward

Just discovered Chloe Hayward, a motion image designer working in London. Her work covers a broad range, involving design, directing, compositing and creating visual effects.
She's worked for a lot of different companies and I found her through luck by saving a photograph of hers I liked and her name was in the title.

 Her work has a consistent dream like effect through out. While still being crisp, modern and relevant.

Currently typing up an email to contact her about how she got started to discuss in my essay, seriously, I've done her work no justice flick through her blog - it's amazing. Also love the fact that there's like a 33% chance I'm in that Oasis photograph.

Image bank

 Love, love LOVE this guys work, his name's Jorge Aragon and the entire set of these photo's is amazing.