Malac Intro Edits

I prefer the second edit, (which I've exported under the wrong settings and I'm reuploading now..) I'm getting more used to colour correction and how to use the different effects available within premiere, neither of these will be in the final piece as I don't feel they flow well enough.



Carrying on from the video I posted before by Louise Lynn I thought I'd try to experiment with QR codes and film to see if they could be used with motion. The code above does work (yay) and links back to my blog. I didn't realise until the upload the bad quality (or the colour difference in the text) but as an example of a working code I'm happy with it. I tried different colours but it only works with dark colours although I'm sure with enough manipulation you could get different results, I'm going to go on and attempt.

Also feeling the little nod to MTV Base? ;)


Masking experiment

Playing around with masks in Adobe After Effects CS4 with some HD footage I shot in Kensington Gardens. Hoping to experiment with more intricate designs.

I saw this short clip on the blog of student, Louise Lynn. She has used masks to create this overlayed effect which has turned out well. I'm going to attempt now to do something similair with previous footage.