Ver' Niiice

Well I'm still continuing to make my stop motion, its coming along well, and I think its gonna look good :) I still need to take a few more shots, then I'm gonna bring it all into photoshop and fix up the pictures. I'm having a bit of trouble batching things and also working in premier, for some reason when I bring images into it the way we were shown it only shows about 3 frames then thats it, bit odd! Will have to keep playing around with it.
Had my first one shot seminar yesterday, I actually quite enjoyed it, I think the thing thats putting me off is that it can't be edited, but Chris mentioned speeding things up and I like that idea. I also saw the video for Vampire Weekend A-Punk on another students blog, but can't remember where (sorry if it was you let me know and I'll pop your link here) which was all done in one shot and then sped up and looks really good.

looking at music videos I also thought of Beyonce's video for Put a ring on it, which although wasn't done in one shot has the effect, see I'd love to do something which had that kind of effect but suppose it would be quite hard to do in the time we have.
-I can't actually find a link for it cause of copyright laws but you all know the one!

And also the video for OK, Go! in which the band perform a routine on a treadmill all in one shot. Really interesting to watch.

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