Went to Manchester on Saturday, was good :) saw the family, and had a massive mooch in town, seriously forgot how big it is, was walking around about 5 streets for the best part of three hours, was good :) gave me some ideas for stuff I might want to do in the future. I went to an exhibition about uk hip hop, which I didn't really read the info, so u know, can't start reviewing it, but it had some nice design work and also some good eg's of multimedia, with massive screens showing documentaries and touch screens with head phones that you could sit and listen to music to add another dimention to the exhibition, as well as tv screens dotted about with stuff on, I dunno what cause I got bored and couldn't be bothered to sit and listen cause I was more interested in the displays ha. Went to the northern quarter in town too, which is like.. I dunno its a mish mash of all 2nd hand shops (lets say vintage ;) ) and art shops and its like the studenty part of town. Really nice area, bit grungey but lots of creative people around there. Was plastered in graffiti which I took a few photos of. Picked up loads of leaflets too which were interesting. Got a free newspaper which is just all music, has some really good design in it too, I need to scan them all.. Will do it after I think and do a seperate post, but anyway. Photos from my day -

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