I like the shots in this and also the birds eye view scene was all done on computer which I thought was odd/interesting. This video was directed/produced/edited all by Steven Ilous. I dunno what I like most about the video. The narrative (or is it a plot I can never remember) the fact it loops, the scenes used. The use of the tv and how the song changes with the shots. How even the natural happenings in the background add to the tension.

ok so I read back what I wrote ^^ ( I will leave it there just for the sake) and I thought er? What. I didn't really elaborate what made me put this on here. So I sat and watched it again, kind of picked it apart and analyzed what I thought the imagery meant.

iheartcomix - record label. unusual to see that on a music video
blends into setting
sound/thunder create mood - feels like a film (makes more sense that the record label was included)
eerie sound effects create atmosphere
immediate feeling of crime scene (police radio)
shocks the audience with gunshot
interesting angle, draws attention - don't often see that kind of camera use
title - again film effect
puts it into context - tv
(referring also to small artist? big break on tv with unusual video?)
birds eye view shot, returns back to original setting, shows a change in time
night time shots - intrigue audience
pulls up to garage. imagery and music obviously well considered
tension built with music/slow motion.
moth in the background, very casual but again adds to the tension. makes the situation seem ordinary although we've already been given a 'horror' setting
we see the masked person in the car, shot designed to make that the focus with out making it completely obvious through use of shadow
again use of tv, putting into context again
cctv footage - interesting use of effects, good way to explain whats going on without changing scene completely
sound of gunshot could be ignored as part of the song, we are made aware of it through visuals.
tension is again built through long shots/extreme close ups
night shot of the car headlights adds eerieness
overhead shot makes you aware of the police, reminds you of the beginning with the police radio
we see the body being dragged, the masked man will most likely be sent to prison for murder/robbery?
boom. toxic is dead. end. loop.

..think I covered everything? any other opinions?

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