Animation, initial ideas

Well I've been really looking forward to my animation project, and I've had a few different ideas about what I want to do for it. Mainly I want to do something relating to music, wether it be a music video or just moving in time to the beat of a song. As far as what I want to do within the video I want to do something quite elaborate, at the moment I've mostly been focusing on ideas and in the next two weeks I'd like to start making mini animations. I found this music video for Simian Mobile Disco - 10000 Horses can't be wrong

which although I don't really like the song, I think that the way the lights used move with the music. So with that as kind of a starting point it gave me a few ideas to use whiteboards and have something morph with the music like this video...

but again I would like to use photography in my work too to include the interaction with people, so I'm thinking that I might do some animations on both whiteboard and using photo's then morph them together using photoshop to get some interesting effects, cause like the Nabil Elderkin video I've included before in which the pictures mash together I think that this could be easy and interesting to use in my stop motion cause I could have two narratives going on at the same time and working together.

I've had tooooooo many ideas really and I can't jot them fast enough haha..

Was also thinking of using cardboard and telling a story using illustration on cardboard then crushing the card and taking photos as I do that, then running it backwards and have it rebuild into something else.

Another thing I would like to experiment with in this project is viewpoints, there are so many interesting things you can do with having a strange angle, or moving around as the subject you're photographing is moving.

Also colour, I want to include lots of colour in my work, and possibly editing over images in photoshop by drawing on them.

Lots of ideas, hopefully I'll get an end result that I'm happy with. I need to start thinking about what I want to photograph, the stop motion we did in the first week was good cause we worked in groups and everyone had a bit of a say which gave really random, quirky ideas. Thats the way I enjoy getting ideas for stuff like this cause you can get other peoples opinions in the early stages and it helps you to develop your own from there.

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