1st week back!

Eeeeeee I never realised that I haven't updated my blog in like two weeks, so this one may drag on..
Well 1st thing, the lecture we had the other day, which we had with design for TV and theatre. I really liked this lecture, it made me realize I actually know only a tiny bit about the subject I'm learning about, yet the TV students I was speaking to could reel off names, they knew a lot about their subject and it made me think, uh oh need to pull my socks up, so I've started to try and be more aware about whats around me, and I'm sat here at the moment scanning Computer Arts, which I've just fallen in love with cause it's just got everything I love in it, and the tutorials look really good, although not tried any of them yet. I'm gonna carry on scanning, then upload loads of pics and write about some artists I've just found :)

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