What makes a good font

I bought computer arts magazine the other day, and it came with a disc with free fonts on so I thought "oh lets see what these are" then put them on, and open them up.. and I've never seen such a pile of pointless shit in my life. One of the fonts is each letter in a jumping sheep? When would you EVER use that in all seriousness? And then I thought "theres nothing on here that I like" and I wondered, what actually makes a font that's successful and gets used. So I think I might have a look into it. As a starting point
- readability
- ability to use foreign characters
- sans serif/serif
- er.. letters?

I dunno I just thought about it and this is for posting.. so you know..
Fonts I use most are arial/helvetica, century gothic, georgia, rns bobo dylan, rns baruta and calibri I think it's called? I dunno even why I use these. Wierd so some things take off and others don't.

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