Writing task..

I wasn't actually there to be set the task, but anyway.

What has my creativity been for in the past few years?
In the past few years I've been in education. I came from a BTEC in art & design, which is very broad. It's been used to find my strong/weak points and what I enjoy and pretty much been to achieve grades. In those two years I did a bit of everything
- Fine art
- Photography
- Textiles
- Pottery (ARGH!!!!)
- Graphics
- Life drawing
I can't even remember what else I did in my course.. that's pretty bad isn't it? Ha. But still I enjoyed it and it made me realise there's more to art than painting. Most work I did outside of college was digital, and I kind of excelled in making nice pictures in photoshop haha, but that was what I did through choice, I taught myself how to use it then developed my own style (although I don't really have a style I just dabble - but I'll get there)

Who has it been for?
I've always done work which I enjoyed/found interesting. Why would I waste my own time doing something I hated? In a sense its been for myself to help me decide what I wanted to do with my creative side? And I've always enjoyed it. Then its been for other people when I've offered to do work for them (for free pffffft) then it's been for school/college/uni tutors ha.

Why have I done it this way? Has this been my decision or someone else’s?
Its been my decision in that I spent my own time growing up doing artsy things.. then when I finally could specialize in year 9 with options I took graphics and art.. then specialized again at college. I chose the courses I wanted to do. So it has been my decision. But parts were dictated by other people - set projects and working to fit briefs. I wish I realized sooner that you can take your own view of a brief rather than taking it word for word. I've done it this way because I loved art from a young age and have always been interested in it, my career's for me not anyone else.

What do I want the future of my creativity to be?

In the future I'm still kind of uncertain about what I want from my career. I love music, when i had tv (boo hoo I hate tv licensing) and fast internet (boo hoo I hate shit internet) I would constantly be watching music videos. I really miss doing that cause I found them interesting and would sometimes sit there and think what would I have done? But then I love the creativeness of the animation part of the course - that you can create your own little world. But at the moment I'm oblivious as to how to work the programs so I'm a bit put off by that. And I kind of like coming up with the ideas and doing sketches etc but I don't think I would be pleased with my end result?? I dunno really. I'm leaning more towards film but I'm not really sure what it involves right now.

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