I need a guide..aksjdaskd

Argh getting a bit frustrated with things in general cause I dunno what I want to go into at all? My minds in a bit of an overdrive trying to work out what I like/get inspired by. Made some collagey things again. Ones just random images I liked the look of, another is for the upcoming animation project, which I hope I enjoy. Film.. hmm well. I expected to like it, but it's very monotonous and I dunno if I could cope with that as a full time occupation. So possibly if I ever did go into film, I'd like to take more of a creative role of director where you can kind of envision the film, rather than producer where you're organizer, and I'm the least organized person I know! So yeah.. bit confused at the moment with what I want from the course etc.

And the 3d design one...

I think I've kind of decided in my head that I'm (some how) gonna take a more sketchy approach to the new project since I suppose I can? Even if my end result ends up a flat plane with a circle plonked on top at least I'll have the ideas to back up that although I can't work the programme I'm capable of the legwork? 90% contribution, 10% execution.

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