What do I want to do...

I have been looking lately into what jobs I can get as a result of this degree. I have sat and thought about what skills I feel I am strongest and most confident in, and what aspects I enjoy in my work and in the design process overall. Looking back on my blog from the past few months I can see myself that I tend to use this as a place to keep images, videos and the inbetween of what I find influencing and interesting, and draw from these to create a piece of work that I am happy with as a realization of them. I never really thought about it but researching can be just as much of a job as being sat behind a computer creating a 3d environment, or coding a webpage. It can be a job role in itself, then while looking into jobs I found Flynn. A successful company that creates "live action, animation, photography and design work across the board." When looking at their about section I saw that they actually have information about the people who run the behind the scenes, if you will, of the company. The role which stood out most to me was Head of creative department, and when I read the role of his job "assisting directors across Promos/Commercials/Flynn Post and acting as Flynn's nip/tuck treatment surgeon." I kind of thought, "yeah I would love to do that". To see these kind of jobs are about has put me at ease when thinking about my future. It has also helped me to see what part of the course would be most suitable for me to specialize in, as I've been a bit on the fence between animation and moving image. (When I first posted on this blog my post was a mix between those two as well, which makes me think that it was kind of obvious all along). But looking at 2nd years animations, seems that it will be working in programs like 3D Studio Max and Maya etc. However in moving image there is always the option to bring digital elements into film... a bit long ramble but yeah.

Happy times?

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