For my title page I’d like to have the title plainly displayed over a background of falling (most probably black) glitter. The reason I’ve decided to use glitter is because it’s easy to get hold of, and with the right lighting and execution could look really strong. To do this I will book a studio and film glitter being poured on a white background. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the desired effect. I’ll then have a button appear which allow you to navigate to the next page which will contain the contents, and possibly the abstract. More than likely these will be on separate pages. I'll upload when I do actually film this and see how it looks, as I'm not going to use it if it doesn't look nice and not cheaptastic. I've thought about the fonts I want to use too. I want a script, bold font for my titles and a sans serif font for any body text. I will also use a all capital sans serif font for any miscellaneous texts/titles. I will keep the design generally consistant.
-this is one example of a possible layout, the grey areas will most likely contain some kind of illustration or background design.

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