More thought about display of visual essay

Thinking more about how I want to display my essay I've decided that a dictionary was a good starting point. I then thought again about The Stool Pigeon and the service you can use to read it online. If I could work a way of doing this using either pdf or flash then I could begin to look at layouts for each page etc. At first I wanted my design to be quite plain and understated, but maybe using colour and illustration in my work may further show my influences. Below are some scans to show how the paper is layed out and where I may get influence from.

Also looked at my sketchbook from my final project in college, so weird to look back, I didn't actually realise how far I've come - my old stuff makes me cringe a bit so I wont put it on here haha. But my influences have remained the same, although back then I did use artists and designers that I probably wouldn't use now. I did however find CODE magazine, a dutch lifestyle magazine, which I can't find online anywhere which is so annoying, their site is just an enter page. Although with the amazing power of my mind I thought to use google images and it's come up...

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