Essay notes

(I wrote this a couple of days ago so it's backwards but rather than fanny about with changing it I'm leaving it as it was..)

I really want to make a short film to conclude my essay, I've been making notes about how I can refer back to my influences, and also thought about how I am developing my own style. If I could sum my style in three words I would choose illustration, colour and glitchy.

I like a lot of illustrated work, when I look through all the images I've saved over the years the majority have some form of illustration, be it a photograph, packaging or graphics. Some of my favourite videos use rotoscoping, a technique I'd love to try myself, maybe using it in a different way. As it is, it has simply been used to trace movements of people or objects. I'd love to think of another way to incorporate it

Colour, or lack of.. I love anything that uses colour to change how we see things. Colour to add mood - or to change mood completely. Make up that just shouldn't work yet does, blue lips, for example. Scenes in films that use colour to tell you something, like in schindlers list, the girl in the red coat. I like striking, bright colours too. Nabil Elderkin uses lots of blue and almost neon in his work. Pierre Debauscherre uses contrasting pinks, greens and black.

This is a bit of a hard one for me to describe. I keep seeing it alot lately, overlaying or replaying of imagery. It's seen in Lady Gaga - Telephone for example. Also when it gets played with more, the datamoshing effect Nabil Elderkin uses often.

also not really a word, but more of an interest. I really like the use of lighting when its used in an unusual way. To create shapes or contrast rather than simply to light up an area.

I keep thinking how I'm going to show these in a short film. So I'm trying to think of a subject. Music, fashion, I want to do something that's not going to look horrible and tacky though. I've also had a bit of an idea. I'd like to make my essay possibly like a dictionary, rather than just an essay maybe make it a bit different. I don't know, but since it is a visual essay and doesn't have to follow the general rules of an essay...does it?

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