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This video is beautiful. I love the visuals in it throughout. The sea, the forest, the mountains, the car.. whats not to like? The direction reminds me a lot of Spike Jonze, the setting and costume are reminiscent of Where The Wild Things Are. The song isn't really something that I could listen to more than once, which is a shame for such a stunning video cause I can't see it being played on music stations.

Just done a bit of research into who the director is but I've come up short, although I've found out that "iamiamwhoami" was a viral for an act now known as Jonna Lee. Crazy stuff.

Lady Gaga eat your heart out.

"A lot of press and public found iamamiwhoami's way of working very innovative, since it is all internet based and had a massive build up. The first six videos seem to be a way of gaining popularity for people to continue watching the videos. As of "b" the videos appeared only once a month (with the exception of "u-1" and "u-2" which can be viewed as one work) and a release (along with remixes) on both iTunes and Amazon followed after every video upload. This caused people to watch the videos as music videos or illustrations for the singles. This way of working made an end to speculation about the video being a project by a director or a photographer. Something that always has been doubtful since the clips were sent out to major music blogs and journalists to begin with. The approach appears to be very successful. iamamiwhoami's entire legacy is hosted on the internet, which gave it worldwide display, yet this is considered a bit "odd" for an artist with that big of an audience. The clips are not released trough other mediums such as radio or television. The Times Online stated that the project "offers clues as to how the ailing music industry might save itself". By the look of the releases and Jonna's management statement that they have no knowledge of Jonna being iamamiwhoami, it appears to be that the music is not distributed on iTunes and Amazon by a record label and comes straight from the artist. Another innovative and bold move that hasn't been displayed on a scale this size. As of June 2010 iamamiwhoami has a total of more than 2.5 million hits on YouTube alone. Apart from sending out emails displaying just the videos, iamamiwhoami has done no promotion for the releases."

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