Huck magazine

I found out about this competition which HUCK magazine is running on this blog which I highly recommend it's got absolutely loads on it. The magazine is running a competition to recreate the cover and then send in a photograph to be judged.

Advertising is becoming more interactive by the day, I'd probably buy this magazine that I only heard of 5 minutes ago cause it's got a gimmick to it. A prime example of interactive adverts is the iTunes App store, you can download games promoting films, cartoons, clothes shops. Even my mum's started shopping at Tesco cause she can do it on her phone throughout the day as she thinks of stuff and then buy it when she wants. I never wanted to admit it but I really want an iPad now cause of the amount of stuff available, my poor little iPod touch just doesn't cut it any more. Convenience is such a big factor in peoples lives and I'm only just starting to realise just how much.

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