HURTS - Wonderful Life

Hurts are my new love. I first saw them on a late night channel 4 music programme and immediately thought "What am I watching? This is NOT the 80's." and dismissed them. But I've finally come to accept the 80's are back in a big, bad way and that I should just get used to it. The music videos above are for the same song, Wonderful Life. One being a low budget, simple idea, the second showing just how these simple ideas can be transformed into something completely different. The original video can be a bit hard to bear at times, simply for the bad dancing. This does make up the entirety of the video so by the end you get used to it. I do like that the woman looks awkward. It creates an uneasiness, and with the subject of the song it links well. I also like the close ups and I feel as if they add to the melancholic atmosphere. The revised version is pretty much the same deal as the original with more money thrown at it than you can shake a stick at. I do like that they give a few nods to the original in it, and I don't really want to admit it but I do prefer the new one simply for the fact its so polished and still captures the atmosphere the original did, and also for the fact that I just think of Addicted to Love every time I watch it.

They've also had some clever marketing go into them. Using intriguing story telling on Spotify, you search for random codes (wikipedia tells me the first code is "a5m4" for those interested.) This begins a story in which you are asked to make choices and you get different results. All dropping in names of the songs on the album. It's a clever way of bringing in a new audience. I remember being a kid and reading books with a similar idea, "turn to page 54 if you want to turn left or 21 if you want to go right." so even though I didn't complete the story, it gave me a trip down memory lane, which lets face it that's what the band is all about.

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