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Either I've been hiding under a rock or looking in the wrong places but somehow I only just found out about Youtube Play yesterday. It's a collaboration between Youtube and the Guggenheim Museum, and it looks quite interesting. Currently working my way through them, and I'm going to post some of my favourites later. Love the concept already though.

1 -
I love the concept of this short. Two strangers share a dream in which they meet. The animation isn't particularly my cup of tea, but I can't knock it. It suits the story very well.

This video is a bit of a home truth, especially in our generation just how much we are constantly plugged in to social networking sites. I personally feel the need to unplug quite regularly especially with the recent popularity of location trackers like facebook places and foursquare. I don't see the attraction at all and find it quite creepy that you'd want to know where people are 24/7 if anyone actually wanted to know they could ask you what you were doing that day face to face. Creepy.

The more I watch these the more I feel I've seen them a thousand time before and I'm bored. Ok as soon as I finished that sentence I found this

Really well directed, and such a simple idea. I watched it a few times and liked it more and more.


This is my favourite so far, a 14 year old kid broke into John Lennons dressing room and interviewed him. It's actually amazing and I could listen to it over and over again. Shamefully I don't think I could name a Beatles song I might just have to listen to them now, just cause this is so cool.

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