Tea is a short film documenting the failing relationship of two lovers who share an intimate bond through tea. On the surface the couple look fine but as we follow their story the audience see the relationship deteriorating before they can themselves.

The length of our proposed film will be exactly 6 minutes long including the titles & credits.

For the schedule we have decided to complete all of the required filming in just one day as we only have the actors hired for this time slot between 8:30am & 3:30pm on Thursday the 18th of November. To ensure the shoot runs smoothly we will be staging a rehearsal at the University with the actors on Wednesday the 17th of November, to run through shots and ensure everything is as we planned it to look/feel. Editing will commence as of the 19th of November, and will be completed by the 3rd of December.

The script has been written by Julius Ayodeji. Talent that will be used in our short film will include professional actors Melissa Simpson & Jarrod Cooke, who will be playing the main characters in the script. As for camera crew we plan to use solely up & coming talent who are current students on the multimedia course at Nottingham Trent University. We are also planning to use friends as extras within our pub & cafe scenes, as well as some members of the general public is permission can be given and the necessary paperwork completed.

For the film shoot we have decided to use a Sony Z1, which we will be filming in HDV as well feel this well give better execution of the film & for it to stand up to industry trends. We will be using a Sennheiser K6 mic to capture the audio as we feel the Z1's built in mic does not record in enough quality, or give us the option to direct the audio with the K6 will.

The stylistics we are going for in this short film are going to be nice, clean, simple & crisp look, leaning towards a modern feel. We took inspiration from the program 'How to make it America' with the style of their credits & art direction of the whole show, with the characters being a young, professional trendy couple who you would associate with a certain clique of people.

Here are some links to 2 examples of how their opening titles look, as well as how they cut from scene to scene sometimes, which works really well if executed right.



When looking at our locations we tried to keep in mind the the general direction & feel of the film that we were aiming for. Keeping this in mind we have decided to use 'Lee Rosy's Tea Shop' for the cafe scenes, The bar at ‘Cape’ for the pub scene and a student house for the kitchen and house scenes.


Anonymous said...

The proposals great, well done.

Leigh said...

the majority of it was phill so i can't really take credit, but glad u like it!

Bircham said...

trying to steal my credit

Leigh said...

true manchester swagger