Happy New Year

Just an update about what I've been doing over Christmas.

1. Watching more films
Made a bit more of a concious effort to watch films. I always say "Oh I really want to see that" then never do so off the top of my head I've watched... Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Inception, The Beach, Catch Me If You Can (Leonardo DiCaprio is my new favourite actor I've seriously binged on that guy - every film is good) Atonement, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, E.T (fave film as a kid ever), The Other Guys, Toy Story 1&2, The Grinch, Love and other drugs (actually went to the cinema for that and it was the worst waste of £7.90 I've ever spent in my entire life) and I can't think what else, but yeah - more films. I'm also starting to notice stuff when I'm watching I always think 'what kind of arsey perfectionist actually notices little inconsistencies' I am now one of them.. how crap.

2. Spending too much money
I have no christmas money left but I've got some bruises from NYE and some new threads. It's all good.

3. Made loads of lists
Which is what's prompted me to do this, I've got a big to do list for when I get back to uni, starting with sorting my passport so I can do something out of the country cause I can't remember when I last went away.

4. Took photos
Got a decent camera and finally making use of it by taking it out and about with me. Not took anything I particularly want to show to the world yet but when I do it might work it's way on here.

5. Felt a bit creative
I keep getting the urge to draw/paint/do something. I've had photoshop open for a good couple of hours most days just getting into the swing of it again, I used to have so many ideas with it I'd crash my laptop, dunno what's happened but I'm not as inspired as I used to be :( Unfortunately left all my paints in Notts but been drawing more since I've been home (I think its partially down to actually being able to feel my fingers) I've also been looking more at different ways of using my creativity in moving image and started to crack on with my essay, which is another reason why I'm making this list.

6. Made a resolution to procrastinate less...

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