I've began to sketch up some logos for my website, I've had one in my head for ages but I'm really undecided with the look I want for my site. I'm leaning towards a simple black&white hand drawn vector. I want the site to be accessible and I've found this little gadget so hopefully I'll get some QR codes on the go, and possibly make stickers from it. I've spoke about using indexhibit before and I've come back to it again, it seems like the most likely choice although I've got no idea how to use it but I've got 3 weeks(ish) to pull my hair out over it so I wont worry. I plan to sort out a domain name this week too... no idea what to choose though leighharrison.co.uk just seems so boring. Any ideas?

ok just tried this out on my phone, I'm officially impressed. How the hell is this free?

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