Start up company

I have decided to create a digital magazine with a similar premise to aggregation websites such as hypemachine &
The magazine would work like a news site, constantly updated with options to favourite stories, share them, comment them. However rather than reporting every story subjects would come from whatever is popular on the web at the moment, using information from blogs and social medias. There are already iPad apps which work in this way, however my idea is that not only would the service be an iPad app, it would also have a strong online presence which could be transferred to any tablet or smartphone through an app. Subject matter would be music, working with services such as and spotify to learn your music tastes and recommend videos, gigs, other artists and articles.
Google attempted to launch a service similair to this in 2009 with Fastflip, however this was unsuccessful. Whereas free iPad app, Zite, was recently purchased for $20 million by CNN, showing that when done right this can be an extremely lucrative market.

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