Survey Results

I created a survey to find out about general expectations in club nights and about interactivity relating to my research question. The survey can be found here. From the responses I've had so far all have been between the ages of 18 and 22, the majority have been male and go to nightclubs more than once a month. Most use social networks to find out about events. Most stated that they don't notice night club visuals. Most also said that they didn't know what QR codes were and wouldn't be confident in using them to access content, however this could have been an error on my part as some people may not have known what they were by name. 53% said they don't see interactivity as a big part of a night out experience, however, 76% would like to see a form of interactivity between audience and DJ, people who specified said that they'd like to have an input on the music played. 92% said they would be encouraged to go to a venue if held a performance as well as a club night event.

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