First brief, Interactive Narrative

Tried to do rotoscoping the other night, but it didn't really go to plan.. Well it kiiiiiiiind of did but I couldn't save it so have nothing to show for it :|
Was given the brief yesterday for our narrative project, have to make a 10 frame (at least) animation which has a narrative. It must last at least three minutes, and we have been given a template flash file to work from. The animation will have agents which affect the story. We did a brain storm in lesson and I thought of a few things -
  • A house in which lights switch on/off, and when all the lights get switched on the fuse goes and the screen goes black. I got the idea from a game on my iPod, and its also kind of similair to the game lights out where you press a button and the lights change colour all around it.
  • Feeding an animal and the animal gets skinny/fat
  • Pulling a loose thread on a jumper and it unravels if you pull too many times
  • Chewing gum, choosing whether to blow it up, if it gets too big it pops
  • Stealing items in a house, each item has a weight and if you carry to much you get caught
  • Little Miss Muffet sat down and you can choose what she does to the spider like crushing it, becoming friends, pouring porridge on it...
I like all these different ideas not sure which I'm going to look at, will look at some artists I wouldn't mind robbing some effects from :) think I'll create each frame in photoshop but scan in drawings/ textures.
We have 9 contact hours to complete it..
Errrrrrrr I have no idea how to use flash :| :| :| GOOD TIMES

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