Research, SO ME music video

The video for Kid Cudi's song, "day and night" it was directed by So Me, illustrator for Ed Banger records, who originates from France. His style is recognizable because of his use of simple, clean and often childlike illustrations. I think that the illustrations in the video shown here show his style off perfectly. He shows the effects of drugs which the songs talks about in a playful, yet sinister way. The type of animation he uses here is called rotoscoping and has recently become popular in music videos. It is done by taking some video footage then digitally sketching over each frame to create a seemless animation. I really like this style and would like to use it in my own work adapting it myself to create something different. It is an old technique and was used by Disney in works like Snow white and the seven dwarfs, although it was originally inveneted in 1915 by Max Fleishcher, an American animator. Originally it was used by making video footage of movement and then drawing over each frame on a cell to create lifelike movement, this was its main purpose, rather than simply tracing an image.
I did recreate the technique using the resources available on NOW, using photoshop, which I was able to do, however I couldn't save it so have nothing to show for it :(

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