Flash project - completed

This is my first flash project finally completed (buzzingggg)

finished flash project by ~holleighwood on deviantART

I'm quite happy with it, to improve I think I could make the "start" at the end of the chosen frames go back to the image the user is actually on, and maybe give a brief introduction. I would have also liked to have moving images like clouds etc, but ah well, it came out ok. Might do another one of these if I get the time and explore flash a bit more, but got the new brief now which is animation, I really can't wait to get stuck in to this, at the moment its what I'm leaning towards, we did a mini one the other day and it came out well.. I'll try and upload it but I can't get the frame rate to play at 12 per second.. pfft :( ah well, all a learning curve ;)

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