Research, exisiting stop motion

Intervelometer from Kunal Sen on Vimeo.
I found this stop motion through another art blog and really liked the way that they used different times of day and perspex to create interaction between characters and the surroundings. The group which created this posted this statement about what inspired them -

We picked ‘Human’, ‘Wild Card’ (which gave us freedom to do what we wanted!) and a music track (which we had to use somewhere in the film).
‘Intervelometer’ attempts to explore the essence of animation (for us!)- Persistence of vision, light, human form and time. The film also pays tribute to Eadweard Muybridge, an iconic figure in both- Photography and Animation.

I also looked into Eadweard Muybridge to find that he was the creator of the zoopraxiscope, and also a pioneer in stop motion, his techniques are still being used today.

Also found this -

which when I watched at first I thought that the guy had just run it backwards, then I realised that you can see each wet line from the previous drawing, so I'm guessing he actually wiped it down each time..which then made me think EFFORRRRRRRT but it does give a really good effect

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