Last project..

We were asked to bulletpoint our last creative projects ... this is mine for my FMP from college last year, although I do something along these lines with most of my work..
  • Began the project with the idea of music but was unsure what I wanted to do with it.
  • Ended up deciding that I wanted to portray music through visual means, primarily a poster
  • Explored different uses for this kind of work, for example advertising for a musical event
  • Looked at different artists, illustrators, directors, designers, photographers etc to get inspiration for my own ideas. Appraised their work, what I liked/disliked, what had inspired me how this would relate to my work
  • Took photographs which related to my work and used these throughout as references
  • Tried out different techniques, digital and practical
  • Began to work towards a final piece drawing out different ones, did approx 30 sketches and developed 5 further
  • Developed one final piece and evaluated the whole project

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