Lecture 1 - 27th October

Lecture was about different design cycles, and suppose getting us into the habit of
research (discover) > develop (developing) > refine (defining) > final piece (delivering)
did that already at college so I'm kind of used to it, although worked in sketchbooks there. Prefer not having those though and using this.
Also discussed about how when going through this process that we have to think of our target audience, how they will "feel", taking into account any possible impairments such as blindness or hearing difficulties.
Talked about design methodolgies too,
Reverse engineering (pulling apart an existing product to rebuild something new/better)
Prototyping (working with ideas to build something until it works)
Open source (editing or manipulating something which is designed to be done so by other people)
Market research (finding out what the audience wants and catering to that need)
Personally I like to ask peoples opinions throughout my process so I would say my own methodology would lean towards market research, although I think with most products/projects each of these methodolgies would come into play, some more than others.

Design processes and methodologies are different!

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