Interactive Narrative

I've been playing about with flash here and there since we got the brief, and broke the template about 20 times since we got given that.. Not good. Not feeling flash at all.. I came up with a narrative based on the theme of superstitions initially -

  • 1. Start screen would begin with a dove
  • 2. Frame would show the dove being covered in black paint which has been left on a ladder/scaffolding (if you walk under these its supposed to be bad luck)
  • 3. Dove would then turn into a magpie because of the paint
  • 4. User will have the option to make a friend or not (magpies 1 for sorrow, 2 for joy)
  • 5a. If user chooses to have a friend then they go shopping for shoes.
  • 6a. Then goes home and puts the shoes on the table (bad luck)
  • 5b. If user chooses no then the magpie/dove goes for a walk and it begins to rain.
  • 6b. Magpie/dove runs indoors and someone puts an umbrella up indoors
  • 7b. Rain stops and magpie leaves and steps in dog poo on the way home
I think this narrative gets a bit flimsy though towards the end, and I don't know how I would go about animating it all, since right now, flash is not my friend..
This was my original little bird creation cause I made it white later. But then I ended up changing my idea pretty much all together. I redid the bird cause I didn't like that one, it didn't have the look I wanted for my animation, so I made this one -

Then started messing about with it, giving it tattoos, top hats and monacles...

So on that note I've decided that my animation is going to be a set up like this -

The user can choose from a variety of different birds in different outfits, clicking previous, next to navigate, then if they click choose it puts the bird in a setting.
It has no plot but this is only narrative, so its ok ;) ?

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