Inspiring/random stuff I wish I'd done first..

1 - Julien Valleé

I LOVE THIS PIECE! It was done for MTV, and I think it sums up the brand perfectly. Love the style of paper making, photography, and graphic design. He's also done an advertising campaign for a Canadian arts channel which I like because of the colours, use of stop motion, and the general effect of the clip. It's also quite clear its advertising an arts channel, not only cause of the title but the fact that you kind of get to see how it was made because of the use of stop motion.

"I used around 15 pieces of plywood with a mirror on the backside to create the shape of the Artv logo, a Canadian television channel.

The shot was made on the roof of a building downtown Montreal. We used a smoke machine and a projector to create the reflections of lights and colours during the shoot."


Visit his website if you like his work, theres some really nice stuff on there, I really like the "We love fantasy" piece, and it also shows how it was made.

2. Lotie

An illustrator, I like the style of the illustrations, and the mix between themes, but the constant style in all the work. The website is heavily flash based, and really nice to use, you kind of want to spend more time on it to find out everything it does, which I think is really strong for a website cause obviously its there to provide information and drum up interest. It was created by Rezo-Zero who's website is just like woah. In fact, they can be point three.

3. Rezo-Zero = ♥ even more.

It's all in french and I only understand about 10% of the words but the flash content and the style of the website is soooo nice. If I could make a website, it would look and feel like this, but in English. :) I've decided to follow their blog as well, and learn french. ha

there is more but I can't think :) I'll come back to this later.
Ughhhh I really want to do some design work now. But I don't have photoshop on my computer :( drawing will do for now though :)

(yer as soon as I posted this I noticed a link to switch it all to english..duh)

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Birchy said...

that logo and video is sickkkkkk.