Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Well, this film. Was wierd. As we all know so I wont go into details. I actually looked up what it was about online and I completely missed the point, although it was brought up in the lecture. I had no idea the guy at the start who was cutting his leg was the same guy who chased the other one? I did like some parts of it though, like the use of stop motion. I thought it was cleverly used in some parts. Also, the soundtrack - mad stuff altogether. It really adds atmosphere to the film. I don't know if I liked it. Part of me did. But I was too sickened ha.. I did think it was interesting though. I liked the use of shots in some parts, like when he was being chased at the start, they shot the ceiling where there were piped so you knew what was going on and also got a sense that he was running away with no care for where he ended up as long as he escaped. As well in researching this, someone wrote that the film took metaphors literally which created a nightmarish feeling through out.. I agree with this.

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