Mind map type thing :)

collection of images/walkthrough of what i'm thinking...

I wouldn't mind a bit of an eccentric, castle looking feel to the rooms, tall ceilings, big windows..

like the colours, eccentric feel.

ideas for objects. i really want a massive teacup somewhere in the room .. i'm thinking alice in wonderland.

ahhhh i loooooove this, i want my house like this when i'm older ;)

more textures kind of stuff just for kicks

i like this alot, this is another approach i wouldnt mind taking - arts and crafts, although i dunno how i would do this in 3d studio max. i like the idea of a spire with clouds around it. with a maaaaassive moon thats right outside the window

if i could, i'd have the indoors like this, but i'm guessing thats gonna be impossible

another idea i really like, doodle the furniture i want to include then have them imposed on boxes (would save on effort of making them aswell ;) )

very alice in wonderland-y... i like the colours

just something a bit more modern, never hurts to include it as i do reckon i'll end up with alot of geometric stuff in my final design


i just like this picture :)

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