Woven Lightbulbs

How good is this idea? Lace lightbulbs. Making them an artform of their own. Her description for her inspiration is clever also.

"If we are now buying light bulbs that will last years instead of being quickly replaced disposables, we should consider giving more appreciation for the lightbulb as an object. Handmade in crocheted cotton and formed over a conventional lightbulb shape, LACE invites a reinterpretation of the minimalism of a bare bulb."

I think this a really clever way to look at things. Designer light bulbs could become an everyday occurance, and it wouldn't surprise me if more stuff like this did become common. Household items that are meant to last a lifetime. But while we're of living in the middle of lots of technological breakthroughs with 3D and HD and whatever D, it might just be lightbulbs for now.

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