Pierre Debusschere

Found Pierre Debusschere yesterday and I really liked his work, so I decided to look into him a bit more as I'm considering using him as a reference in my visual essay. His style is very inspiring, and I also like that he is a photographer as well as a director. His work is beautiful, I love his use of colour and lighting, which again is reflected in his direction. I've picked out some of my favourite images here, with a little bit about why..

COLOUR! I love the contrasts of colour, pink, green and blue are a winning combo in my eyes and here they work so well together. Although they are quite feminine, sweet colours, there is a sense of melancholy and confusion which is clearly portrayed through expression and body language. This is a filed on his website as a fashion portrait, but I think it is a strong piece on its own, as the person photographed seems to draw you in and allow you to create your own narrative.

<3 the colours and lighting.

"Belgian photographer and filmmaker Pierre Debusschere has become a regular contributor to severals fashion magazine like Dazed & Confused & fashion brands . From documenting photo shoots to producing exciting, original content & editorials and covering fashion week shows, Debusschere’s work embodies the multimedia crossover pushing a new way of seeing and creating a fashion image."

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