Thoughts for references in Visual Essay.

I've thought quite abit about what I want to include in my visual essay, and what sums up why I'm picking the pathway I am. I've decided in my 3 practitioners I want to include a photographer/director who I am consistantly inspired by, for example Nabil Elderkin or Pierre Debusschere. I would also like to include a video house if you will. A collective of directors, multimedia practitioners and graphic designers eg. Colonel Blimp, Davey Inc., Flynn, The Wilderness. Possibly a graphic designer who works both in film and graphics like Julien Vallée. I basically want people who work in different medias. I would like to make a short film which is a culmination of all these influences too to use in my essay. Possibly some photography and design work. Also been thinking about what I would like to accomplish if I do ever get really successful. 3d is an interesting area, I've never really thought too much into it as it is still in its infancy, but can you imagine in a few years the kinds of things that would be able to be accomplished with it. I know that sky is bringing out a 3d service soon and that 3d broadcasts are already happening. I would love to be able to explore this in my work somehow.

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