Lie-Ins and Tigers (More specifically Russell Weekes)

Lie-ins and Tigers is a Manchester based design collective. I've featured them as a whole as they have some lovely illustration and photography on their website.

But mostly I'm intrigued by one of their members, Russell Weekes. This video for musician Adrian Smith was directed by Russell, and uses stop motion in so many different ways, live action and with props too. I wish I had known about this this time last year for my stop motion project at uni.

The video below tells the sad story of Edward, and looks to be a continuation of the above, and also an extended show reel. I find it interesting the formats he uses to inject comedy into his work, the sandwich board being my favourite example of this in the clip.

In my search for more information I got in touch with Russell and he forwarded me a much more recent piece of work.

Night Before Mutiny from Serafina Steer on Vimeo.
Night Before Mutiny from Serafina's 5 track E.P. 'Bloody Hell'.
Out 13th September 2010 on Stolen Recordings.
Video directed by Russell Weekes.

Again using stop motion and story telling. He really excels in creating an unusually, entertaining piece.

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