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I'm actually so glad I keep this blog up to date, looking back on it its mad to see how much I've changed over the year. Some up to date stuff that I'm feeling at the moment. (by up to date, I mean that I've just discovered)

1. New Order/Joy Division.
Ok well I've wrote about Joy Division and their artwork before on here but I went to an exhibition a few weeks ago and there was tonnes (tons?) of stuff about both bands, the design, the whole Madchester scene and it just got me excited. I wish there were more bands these days who had the kind of presentation these do. Factory records needs to relive its glory days, please? Also loving the Hacienda music, acid house and me? Who woulda thunk it.

(OMG bad nineties graphics. LOVE IT!)

2. Gil Elvgren (and LA Ink I suppose)
I've always loved drawing and for some reason I find it easier to draw women, I don't however find it easy to draw women like Gil Elvgren. I actually feel ashamed that I never heard of him until today as I love pin up art. And also where I discovered him, LA Ink, which I'm also quite ashamed of that I'd never heard of until a day or two ago. It's kind of made me want a tattoo too, which I have always pretty much swore to this day I would never get cause I didn't like them. But I'm starting to turn. Scary stuff.

 I'm going to end up looking like this.

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